Straightening a crooked smile not only improves your appearance, but it also greatly aids oral health. Braces are used to properly align the teeth and change the appearance of your smile. Braces can create a straighter and more pleasant smile along with improved oral health.

Are braces right for you?

At High Street Dental, we can answer this question for you after a consultation with our orthodontist. Once you decide that braces are the right choice, from there you can go over your aesthetic preferences, budget, and the treatment goals. Braces will make your smile more attractive and also help maintain a better oral hygiene routine.

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When do you need braces?

There are few indicators that show that you may benefit from braces. Take a good look at your smile. Are the teeth crowded and crooked? Do they cause you discomfort while speaking or chewing food? Are your teeth difficult to clean? Then you might want to consider braces.

Even if there is no problem with your smile per se, for better oral health braces are sometimes advised.

Problems with the bite

There can be a few problems with the bite which may cause the teeth and jaw to rest in a certain way that leads to jaw pain and other issues.

An overbite is when the front teeth overlaps the bottom teeth, and this may increase the risk of chipping the front teeth.

An underbite is when the bottle front teeth are in front of the upper teeth. This can also cause great difficulty in eating and create and in balanced facial appearance.

Crossbite is another type of abnormal bite where the upper tooth is situated behind the opposite lower tooth. Crossbite can lead to asymmetric jaw bone structure and wear down the teeth.

Crowded teeth

When there is not enough space to accommodate all the teeth on your jaw bone, crowded teeth can result. Teeth may shift from their normal position and crowd against one another. Gum diseases and tooth decay are virtually impossible to avoid with crowded teeth because it is difficult to clean.

A consultation with our High Street Dental orthodontist will help uncover any bite problems that you may be experiencing. During the consultation, also talked about whether you are finding it difficult to eat, speak, or maintain a proper oral hygiene routine.

To learn more about how braces can help you, contact one of our friendly team members today.