If you are an athlete or you enjoy contact sports, it’s a good idea to wear mouthguards that are designed to protect your teeth from excessive wear and damage. People who wear dental bridges are braces may also find mouthguards helpful to protect the soft tissues of the mouth.

Custom mouthguards for protection

At High Street Dental, we fit you with a custom mouth guard that provides the best protection for your teeth and the soft tissues of your cheeks, tongue, and lips.

A custom fitted mouthguard is considered to be the best way to protect your teeth and mouth because it offers a perfect fit. They are a bit more expensive than the other types of mouthguards available at sporting stores, but since they are customised for your mouth they offer the best fit.

penrith sports mouthguard

At High Street Dental, we offer custom fitted mouthguards as part of comprehensive dental care services. If you wear braces and regularly participate in intense physical sports, we strongly recommend that you wear a custom mouthguard. Your mouth and teeth are more prone to injuries when you wear braces.

How is a mouthguard customized?

A custom mouthguard is prepared at our office after we take an impression of your teeth. The impression is then sent to a lab where the mouth guard is created to fit your teeth and mouth perfectly. You can choose a clear mouthguard if you don’t to make it that obvious to spectators that you are wearing a mouthguard.

It takes about a couple of weeks for the mouthguard to be prepared. After it is ready, we will invite you for a fitting session. Our trained dentist will watch you as you try the mouthguard on, and make suitable adjustments as required. The mouthguard has to fit securely and smoothly to offer the maximum protection. We will also give you a case to keep the mouthguard when you’re not using it.

Caring for your mouthguard

It is quite easy to care for your mouthguard by following the simple steps below.

  • Before and after every use, rinse the mouth guard or brush it with toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Once in a while, use soapy water to clean the mouthguard. Rinse and air dry.
  • Do not leave the mouthguard in hot water or out in the sun
  • Store the mouthguard in its special case that has vents for air circulation

Call our friendly team to set up an appointment and get yourself fitted with a custom mouthguard that protects your teeth and mouth.