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Orthodontics aren’t just about straight teeth, but about the overall appearance of your face. As well as correcting the spacing and alignment of your teeth, braces improve the overall structure and appearance of the jaw and face.

At High Street Dental we’re pleased to offer a range of specialised orthodontic treatments for a confident, more attractive smile.

Whether for kids or adults, our treatments generally show exceptional results within 12 months.

Early prevention can make a huge difference to the development of your child’s smile and even facial appearance. We recommend Myobrace for kids aged 5 – 10, a natural way to encourage full growth of the jaw, optimal alignment of the teeth, and improved sleep. Myobrace is non-invasive and simple to use, worn only a couple of hours each day for impressive results.

Braces: The Damon System

Recommended by our dentists, the Damon System is a revolutionary form of braces that are more stable than other braces, requiring far less upkeep and offering amazing results in a shorter period.

The Damon System uses ultramodern dental technology to move teeth faster, with minimal discomfort and less visits to the dentist. Unlike most braces, the Damon System doesn’t require removal of healthy teeth to make space, leading to a natural, full smile and improved overall facial appearance.

To learn more about our modern solutions for straighter teeth and a beautiful smile, contact one of our friendly team today.

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