Prevention is indeed better than cure, and nowhere does it apply more than when it comes to dental health. Dental problems can become severe when neglected and can be expensive to treat.

At High Street Dental, we provide exceptional preventive dentistry services to ensure that any dental issues are caught and nipped in the bud. Our goal is to help you keep your natural teeth for life and as healthy as possible.

Preventive dentistry involves several procedures that are used to identify and treat teeth decay and other diseases in the early stage itself.

Preventive dentistry

Dental cleaning

Keeping your teeth and gums clean is one of the best ways to prevent any diseases. Apart from your regular brushing and flossing, it also helps to do a dental cleaning at our office every six months. There is simply no substitute to professional dental cleanings that remove diseases causing plaque and tartar from your teeth.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a mineral present in the teeth which makes it strong and resistant to decay. Fluoride also reverses small cavities that may have just started to form. Normally, you get fluoride from drinking water and toothpaste. But if the fluoride levels are low it can also be applied directly on your teeth at the dental clinic.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer is very common among smokers. The best chance of surviving oral cancer is to detect it early and start treatment. Every dental exam screens for oral cancer to detect it at the earliest.

Scale and Clean

Refers to the removal of gum disease causing plaque and tartar, followed by a polish of the teeth to smooth any irregularities and remove stains. This is followed by a complimentary fluoride application to the teeth. Regular professional cleans form the foundations of a healthy mouth. More >


We offer different grades of mouthguards for protection depending on the patients age and the risk of dental injury from the sport. More >


X-rays are an important diagnostic tool to identify many dental diseases that may be invisible to the naked eye. Modern dental x-rays and cat scans are invaluable tools to diagnose gum diseases, tooth decay, cancers, bone density etc.

Preventive dentistry procedures identify and prevent dental diseases before they occur. The procedures can be effective only if you’re the patient comes to the office regularly for dental examinations. Daily brushing and flossing is also an extremely important step in removing the plaque and tartar responsible for most dental diseases. Regular dental examinations at the clinic and a good oral hygiene routine at home can help a majority of dental diseases at bay.

To learn more about how the preventive dental services offered at High Street Dental, call our friendly team and set up an appointment.