At High Street Dental, we use a multitude of restorative dental services in order to enhance your smile and confidence. We strive to provide a relaxed and calm atmosphere at our clinic, and our friendly staff will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable during any of your visit or dental procedures.

Restore your smile

If you are missing one or all of your teeth, or there are some problems in your teeth that affect the way you smile, restorative dentistry can get your smile back.

restorative dentistry

Infections and cavities

Decayed and infected teeth can affect your oral health and smile. Severely infected teeth can be repaired with root canal therapy. After the procedure, the repaired tooth is protected with a filling and a porcelain crown. Our dentists also fix broken and damaged teeth using porcelain crowns. If you have any cavities in the teeth, tooth coloured fillings will perfectly restore your smile.

Missing teeth

At High Street Dental, we provide plenty of restorative options to replace missing teeth depending on your aesthetic and budget requirements. Our dental team can replace missing teeth with dental bridges, dentures, partials, or dental implants.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges and dentures are relatively inexpensive options for people with missing teeth. You don’t have to live your life with a gap in your smile. Dental bridges replace your missing teeth with crowns that look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. If you are missing all the teeth, you may consider dentures as an affordable restorative option that will help you smile again with confidence. More >

Dental crowns

Porcelain crowns provide both a protective and cosmetic solution to teeth that have been compromised severely by tooth decay and large fillings over the years. This treatment also allows us to replace missing teeth in a non-removable manner by bridging crowns together over spaces where teeth are missing. In summary crowns and bridges essentially improve the appearance of your teeth and smile, restore function by replacing missing teeth and strengthen these teeth. More >


Using dental technicians who provide high quality dentures, we are able to replace missing teeth with removable dentures (either acrylic or cobalt chrome) and full dentures. We are thereby able to restore cosmetics and function for the patient. More >

Root canal therapy

Some teeth causing pain may be saved from extraction by Root Canal Therapy. This basically involves removing all infected nerve tissue within the tooth, cleaning and medicating the inside of the tooth and then finally plugging or sealing the canals of the tooth. The tooth can be restored with a filling and a crown. The root canal therapy is usually completed over two to three visits. More >

Dental fillings & restorations

Commonly referred to as fillings, are in the majority of cases, provided in the “white” composite filling material. We still do offer the traditional “silver” amalgam fillings but less so these days as patients become more cosmetically aware of their teeth & the options available. More >

If you’re not sure which restorative dentistry procedure is the right one for you, call High Street Dental today to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists.

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