Dental Restorations

Commonly referred to as fillings, are in the majority of cases, provided in the “white” composite filling material. We still do offer the traditional “silver” amalgam fillings but less so these days as patients become more cosmetically aware of their teeth & the options available. More >

Scale and Clean

Refers to the removal of gum disease causing plaque and tartar, followed by a polish of the teeth to smooth any irregularities and remove stains. This is followed by a complimentary fluoride application to the teeth. Regular professional cleans form the foundations of a healthy mouth. More >

Crown and Bridgework

Porcelain crowns provide both a protective and cosmetic solution to teeth that have been compromised severely by tooth decay and large fillings over the years. This treatment also allows us to replace missing teeth in a non-removable manner by bridging crowns together over spaces where teeth are missing. In summary crowns and bridges essentially improve the appearance of your teeth and smile, restore function by replacing missing teeth and strengthen these teeth. More >


An increasingly more popular cosmetic service due to the increasing demand for more beautiful teeth. There are two types of veneers that can be offered. The Direct Veneers are applied to the teeth in the chair using the white composite filling materials and are completed in a single visit. Porcelain Veneers require the teeth to be prepared in the chair, an impression taken of the teeth and then the veneers constructed from porcelain in a dental laboratory, to be cemented on the teeth at a subsequent appointment. More >

Root Canal Therapy

Some teeth causing pain may be saved from extraction by Root Canal Therapy. This basically involves removing all infected nerve tissue within the tooth, cleaning and medicating the inside of the tooth and then finally plugging or sealing the canals of the tooth. The tooth can be restored with a filling and a crown. The root canal therapy is usually completed over two to three visits. More >


Teeth which are causing persistent infection and pain or are grossly broken down may need to be removed. This may quite comfortably be performed in the chair under local anaesthesia. Surgical removal of teeth including wisdom teeth may also be performed. If the patient is overly anxious about any of these procedures, we can refer those patients to our local Oral Surgeon who can offer undertaking the treatment with the aid of intra venous sedation or general anaesthesia. More >


Using dental technicians who provide high quality dentures, we are able to replace missing teeth with removable dentures (either acrylic or cobalt chrome) and full dentures. We are thereby able to restore cosmetics and function for the patient. More >


We offer our patient the take home whitening kits and vacuum formed mouth guards for bleaching their teeth. This technique has the advantages of whitening with confidence at home when convenient and being of lower cost to you. More >


We offer different grades of mouthguards for protection depending on the patients age and the risk of dental injury from the sport. More >


We offer general orthodontic services for our patients, which includes treatment with fixed and removable appliances. More >


If feasible, implant supported crowns are the ideal way to replace missing or un-restorable teeth. We can offer the placement of the implant(s) by our in house specialist periodontist for best results and longevity.

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