Wisdom teeth erupt typically during your late teens or early twenties. They are the third set of molars far back in your jaw. When the wisdom teeth erupt, they may present with some complications because of lack of space in the mouth, or the teeth coming out at a weird angle.

Not all people face problems with their wisdom teeth, but if they are impacted or have other complications, it is better to have them extracted. Wisdom tooth extraction is a safe procedure when performed by experienced oral surgeons like our team at High Street Dental.

When is it time to remove your wisdom tooth?

There are a few reasons why your dentist may recommend removing the wisdom tooth. It is usually done to avoid more complications in the future.

penrith wisdom teeth removal

Lack of space

Many a time, there simply isn’t enough space for all the teeth. The wisdom teeth are usually the last to come in and by that time all other teeth may have comfortably found their space. The new entrant is usually hard pressed to find enough space and starts crowding the other teeth.

Impacted tooth

When the wisdom tooth comes in, it may become impacted because it pushes against the neighbouring teeth even when there is no space. The tooth can get trapped causing discomfort and pain. If your wisdom tooth is causing you pain, come in for a consultation immediately. It is easier to remove the tooth early on before the roots are fully formed.

Difficulty in cleaning

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth on your gumline. It is a difficult spot to reach with regular brushing. Even the most scrupulous brushing may sometimes leave food debris trapped in the back molars and lead to decay and gum diseases. Wisdom tooth removal is recommended in these cases to allow for proper brushing and cleaning of the teeth.

Talk to us

Come in for a dental consultation at High Street Dental to determine if you need to have your wisdom tooth removed. During the consultation our dentist will assess your teeth and discuss the procedure if extraction is recommended. During this consultation, it is also important to go over your medical history to avoid any complications.

Talk to the dentist about why the tooth needs to be extracted. Understanding the reason for wisdom tooth extraction can help alleviate the anxiety about the procedure and put you in a more positive frame of mind.

Call our friendly team right away to fix an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.